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Our History

Dance music isn’t just a type of music, it’s a lifestyle and culture. It’s a way of life. Through it, a community is connected – sharing their passions for the artists, music, events, and technology, but most importantly, a passion for each other. The team at flite has a 25 year commitment as the fiber tying that community together. Flite connects the fans with their aspirations, their dreams, and their loves, together in one place. Flite continues our mission to provide a home for all dance music fans to come together in one place to experience all that dance music has to offer.


Satellite Records opens in New York with a mission of providing a personal touch to music shopping through music selection, presentation, and guidance


Largest dance music record store by sales in the US – 750,000 records per year. At this point, Satellite has sold more in records than Amazon has in books.


Stores become the epic center of dance music culture, music, events, fashion, and equipment.


Physical stores transition to digital. Since then, dance music has become the fastest growing genre of music in the world with hundreds of millions of fans. Yet, lacks the vibrant dance music hang out the record store had. Flite is bringing that to the world!

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